Appeals Court Orders Youtube To Remove Anti-muslim Film

YouTube Ordered to Remove Anti-Muslim Film

File - Cindy Lee Garcia (R), one of the actresses in the film "Innocence of Muslims," and attorney M. Cris Armenta appear at a news conference before a hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court in Los Angeles. YouTube resisted calls by President Obama and other world leaders to take down the video, Innocence of Muslims, arguing that to do so amounted to unwarranted government censorship and would violate the Google-owned companys free speech protections. Besides, the company argued that the filmmaker, Mark Basseley Youssef, and not the actress owned the copyright and only he and Google could remove it from YouTube. But the appellate court ruled Wednesday that the case was far from typical and that the actress retained a copyright claim that YouTube must respect. Google, which has removed the clip, said it will appeal the decision. Associated Press SPACE SCIENCE NASA near-drowning was preventable NASA could have prevented last summers near-drowning of a spacewalking astronaut at the international space station, an investigation panel concluded Wednesday.
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And herein lies the problem. YouTube is a constant source of frustration for German users thanks to the blocking of thousands of videos as a result of the GEMA dispute. When local users try to access popular videos being enjoyed by their fellow Internet users (GEMA claims that YouTube overblocks unnecessarily) they are greeted with a message informing them that they should blame GEMA, not YouTube, for the inconvenience. Time and again, users are informed that videos are blocked due to GEMA not granting the necessary music rights. As a result, GEMA has become very unpopular indeed.
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YouTube Ordered to Remove “Illegal” Copyright Blocking Notices

youtubesadsmall ambassador. The ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court in San Francisco reinstates a lawsuit filed against YouTube by an actress who sought its removal. She claimed she was tricked into appearing in the film, without knowing of its anti-Muslim slant, and has received death threats because of her work.
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