Teens Press Play On Youtube

Google Updates YouTube to Help Users Find Content More Easily

http://The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Those ages 19 to 24 accessed YouTube more than Facebook, but there was just a 1-percentage-point difference between the two. The 25-to-34-year-old age group was significantly more likely to use Facebook than YouTube. Data released in November 2013 by The Futures Company had similar findings, with YouTube overtaking Facebook last year as the favorite website among US internet users ages 12 to 19. While Facebook ranked No.
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(Credit: Google/YouTube) Some layout changes for YouTube debuting on Wednesday bring with them better playlist management options. Related stories: YouTube now shows full albums when you search by artist The changes, rolling out to all YouTube visitors over the next few days, make the YouTube site more closely resemble its mobile apps. The interface is now center-aligned, and a prominent "guide" three-lined icon next to the site logo places options such as subscriptions and playlists in the center of your screen. The site also has made some adjustments to playlists themselves. Playlists that you’ve created and those from other YouTube users that you’ve liked are now listed in your guide, and personal playlists now have a better editing screen.
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YouTube makes playlists easier to manage

2. The gallery provided viewers with sneak peeks of some of the ads that were shown during the broadcast through a YouTube Ad Blitz pre-game gallery that was created. In the gallery, users were able to watch and vote for their favorite ads, and then share them with friends through social media networks. In November 2013, YouTube hosted its first-ever YouTube Music Awards , with fans voting for their favorite performers.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.eweek.com/cloud/google-updates-youtube-to-help-users-find-content-more-easily.html


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